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Dance Schools and Studios

As a performing art, dance allows students both young and old to express their emotions through body movement.  Participation can provide physical fitness, discipline and entertainment...but can also result in accident and injury.  Many families have little or no medical insurance, and those who have coverage may be required to meet large deductibles before their insurance pays any benefits.  In addition, studio owners run the risk of personal exposure to lawsuits through a participant's injury claim and liability insurance requirements mandated by lenders or landlords.

In 2014 over 2,900 individual Dance Schools and Studios were insured by FL Dean & Associates.  This Specialty Insurance Program for Dance Schools and Studios is designed to help eliminate the financial and emotional burden one can incur as a result of a lawsuit or participant injury claim.  Accident and liability insurance coverage is offered as a standard product with optional coverages also available such as equipment, hired and non owned automobiles and additional higher liability insurance limits.


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