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Fitness Class and Cross Training Facilities

As more and more people focus on their health and utilize fitness or cross training facilities, it is important to provide injury coverage for the participants and also to protect your studio or facility in the event of accident, injury or property damage. In addition, many landlords have insurance requirements as part of the lease agreement that our program can meet.

Fitness Class facilities include aerobics, spinning, pilates and yoga to name a few that use free weights under 50 lbs. Cross training facilities include those facilities with free weights over 50 lbs and that often utilize multiple approaches to achieving fitness.

PLEASE NOTE: Boxing (other than CardioKickboxing)/MMA training, sports training, and healthclub facilities are not eligible under these programs, however they may be submitted for a quotation.

INELIGIBLE PROGRAM TYPES: Those with tanning beds, spa/massage, sauna, sports medicine or physical therapy, professional athlete training, daycare facilities, 24 hour access, unsupervised and/or keyed access

Lighter weights under 50 lb – Fitness Class Facilities

        Apply online for accident and liability insurance



Fitness Class Facilities PDF Forms

Heavier weights over 50 lb – Cross Training Facilities

        Apply online for accident and liability insurance



Cross Training Facilities PDF Forms