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Each office conducts business in all 50 states 


"Does each office location provide insurance in every state?"

  • Yes, each office conducts business in all 50 states.

"I am required to provide proof of insurance and it is after business hours, what do I do?"

"Do you have a quick reference of the products you offer?"

  • You may view a reference of the majority of our products by clicking Product Sheet

"How do I add an additional insured?"

"How do I make changes to my policy, such as dates or names?"

"I have financed my premium and would like to make a payment, how do I accomplish this?"

  • Please contact Dean Premium Financing at (877) 839-9101.

"May I file an accident claim electronically online?"

"How do I file a liability claim?"

  • Please download the following Notice of Occurrence and forward to our offices.  Notice of Occurrence