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Involvement in the sports, leisure and entertainment industry can be one of empowerment, positive socialization and passion.  Providing others with the opportunity to participate in sports, leisure and entertainment is admirable but it also carries an element of risk.  The mere nature of recreational activities involves physical activity, personal risk-taking and competition, for these are the elements that bring us enjoyment and personal satisfaction.

Along with these types of activities comes the chance of injury or personal loss.  It is the responsibility of the organizers to prepare for and attempt to limit such risks.  Although all possible precautions may be taken, accidents do happen and organizers must be prepared to deal with them responsibly, professionally and swiftly.

To assist you and your organization prepare for risks and take all necessary precatutions against them, we have provided the Risk Management links to the left.  It is important to understand that this information will not entirely eliminate risk, but it will serve as a tool to help reduce an organization's or event sponsor's exposure.  By utilizing these tools, you can steer your unique organization in the right direction regarding your risk management process.